Getting a great job starts with a great resume.

Get access to a hospitality expert who will make sure your resume is keyword optimized, professionally written, and formatted for success. Industry specializes in helping people around the world find hourly & management jobs in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, casinos and more. This service is designed to serve front of house, back of house, and management professionals. 

Your time is valuable and finite. You can spend your precious free time writing an ineffective resume, or you can outsource the task to professionals at Industry, get your time back and see results faster. Get a free critique of your resume. 

Spend time doing what you love, not writing a resume. 

For every day you go without a job, you’re missing out on that day’s pay—even if this only shortens your job search by a day or two, you’ve made your money back and more.

Working with a professional resume writer ensures your resume will not be passed over by applicant tracking software. 

Find a job faster.

If you are like most hospitality professionals then you do almost everything on your phone. Unfortunately, writing a professional resume requires access to a computer and document creation software. Our team of experts will take care of the professional formatting required to stand out. We will also communicate with you via text so that you don't have to waste time talking on the phone or emailing back and forth. If you only have a text version of your resume you can upload it here and receive a free critique. We don't require PDF or Word documents. 

No computer or software required. Seamless Communication. 

Save your most valuable resource, time.

How Industry Resume Writing Works

Get matched with an expert hospitality resume writer. For example if you are a chef we will match with you an Industry expert who specializes in resume writing.

You will work one-on-one with your expert to craft the perfect resume. Don't worry, we will do all of the heavy lifting. We will also communicate with you via text to ensure communication is seamless for you.  

You recieve a resume tailored specifically to your career goals. We will make sure your resume is professionally formatted, keyword optimized, and formatted for success.

Pricing options

We're looking forward to helping you achieve your career goals. Before purchasing, we would love to text with you to make sure that we are a match. No credit card required.  You can also upload your resume and receive a free critique.

One Time Resume Writing


Access to a Industry expert

Keyword Optimization

Professionally Written

Formatted Resume Delivered in 7 Days

Dedicated Recruiter


We guarantee that you will have at least 2 interviews in 30 days or your money back.

We will help you apply for jobs online, write your resume, and give you access to exclusive networking opportunities.

Our mission at Industry is to make you successful in your career. Let's start working together. Upload your current resume for free to get a free critique. 

Resume writing specifically for the hospitality industry.

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